Saturday, December 5, 2020

How to hack CCTV cameras and IoT devices

The era of the 5G has emerged and all devices tend to be connected on the world wide web. More and more online devices...

The 7 Best Subdomain finder tools

DNS enumeration is considered one of the most important information-gathering techniques. Penetration testers spent a lot of time to find all available subdomains of...
How to reduce mysql size

6 Easy Tips to reduce the size of MySQL Database

Sooner or later all database administrators face up the problem of huge database disk usage. The bigger the database the more it costs for...

My MySQL Cheat Sheet

I have googled plenty of times the same and the same queries related to SQL. There are plenty of MySQL Cheat Sheets out there...

Brainflayer: The Best Brainwallet Cracking Tool

Brainflayer is a Proof-of-Concept brainwallet cracking tool that uses libsecp256k1 for pubkey generation. It was originally released as part of a DEFCON talk about...

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